Historic Opportunity

Energy cost in Spain is one of the highest in Europe,  reaching during some weeks one of the highest average values in the wholesale market. This entails a lethal loss of competitiveness for a largenumber of economic sectors. In particular, the electro-intensive industry has seen the consequences of high energy costs materialised in the form of relocation to countries where energy costs are lower.

On the other hand, since 2015 we are witnessing in Spain an exponential development of large scale renewable energy projects. This is a large amount of renewable MW´s that are going to be incorporated to the electrical system in competition with traditional sources of generation. Due to technology development and market conditions these new generation assets are capable of delivering energy at prices that are well below the burdens consumers are currently suffering.

PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements)

A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is a contract between a renewable producer and a consumer whereby a long-term supply of electricity is agreed under pre-agreed conditions and at a pre-agreed price.

A PPA allows consumers to fix the price of electricity for a certain number of years, providing not only the certainty that electricity-intensive consumers need to operate their business but also helping to reduce pollutant emissions.

For the producer, a PPA means an assured output of its production at a competitive price over a long period of time.

At Cobaltiq we have developed PPASquare, a platform where we connect renewable energy producers and large consumers interested in forming part of a PPA. A quick and easy way to find a suitable agreement for your company.

Take advantage of this unique tool in Spain!

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