Cobaltiq provides support to developers of energy and infra projects. Through the formulation of a bankable commercial structure and an appropriate management of the process we support in the access to the different sources of financing throughout the different stages of the project. Maximisation of the available resources, minimisation of financing costs and dynamic optimisation of solvency ratios are some of our objectives when we get involved in a project. 

Our experience and knowledge of how financial institutions of all kinds operate, together with our deep understading of the technology, allow us to devise innovative and tailored structuring and financing solutions that accelerate the project cycle at the lowest possible cost.

Multi-source finance

Good projects arise from the companies and entrepreneurs who detect the opportunities that the market offers at any given time. We support companies and organisations on the development and implementation of energy and infra related platforms or vehicles with access to multi-source financing. 

Energy & Infra

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