Cobaltiq is a global specialist in advisory, develoment and construction of energy and infrastructure assets.



We offer a variety of high-quality M&A Transaction Services to our clients for infrastructure and energy projects. We help our client throughout the whole process, from origination of opportunities up to completion and beyond.

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Commercial structuring of transactions
  • Transaction management and project management
  • Capital raising and financing processes
  • Counterparty management
  • Financial modelling
  • Review of agreements from commercial and technical perspective

Services to companies with infrastructure and energy projects during M&A and financing processes.

  • Green power generation (solar, wind, hydro and nuclear)
  • Electricity storage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Green and pink hydrogen
  • Electricity transmission and distribution
  • Gas distribution
  • Hydrocarbon storage
  • EV charging infrastructure
  • Tolls
  • Railway equipment leasing
  • Telecommunications
  • Data centres

Due to the recent development  of solar and wind generators we can offer large energy consumers and generators long term PPAs with unprecedented conditions.

PPAs offer you an important competitive advantage by eliminating the volatility and uncertainty of the electricity market while meeting your company’s sustainability goals.


High added-value services at all stages of the project, design, development, construction and operation

Project Management

Project management services and client representation during the construction of renewable projects.

Engineering and processing

In addition to photovoltaics and wind power, we are specialists in energy storage technologies with batteries and pumping and in green hydrogen generation projects for vehicles.

Technical and economic feasibility and project modelling

Services during the feasibility study stage of the project both at the technical level with basic engineering studies and at the financial level with the estimation of capex, opex and revenue and the modelling of the expected return.


The best way to put the roof of any building to work is to generate electricity. We have a complete solution for processing, financing and installing rooftop photovoltaics. If you want a self-consumption solution for your company, here you have the best turnkey solution. We also offer free optimisation of bills, gas and electricity, and thus continue to reduce energy costs.

We have electric charging solutions for all types of vehicles: cars, buses and trucks. And for all types of locations, from homes to shopping centres, car parks and petrol stations. We also develop, design and install infrastructure for the generation and dispensing of hydrogen as a vehicle fuel.

Helping our clients to achieve the best results is what moves us.

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