Energy storage

We offer services throughout all phases of your energy storage project:


Feasibility, engineering, processing and modelling

Our extensive international knowledge and experience allows us to study and model energy storage projects to determine their feasibility from a revenue and cost perspective.

Whether you are a developer, investor, asset manager or buyer, we offer high quality services and expertise.

  • Technical-economic feasibility study
  • Site assessment: Grid connection, planning and lease agreements
  • Management/PM development phase: permitting / connection management
  • Energy performance assessment
  • Grid impact assessment using specialised software
  • Preliminary engineering and simulations
  • Techno-economic and cost-effectiveness reassessment based on key performance indicators
  • We act as Tender Agents
  • We are experts in project financial modelling
  • Detailed design
  • Tendering support

Detailed engineering and support

We carry out detailed engineering for all types of battery projects. We provide both technical and contractual support throughout the process with clients and suppliers.

We carry out exhaustive technical-economic studies that guarantee the good performance of the installation.

  • Owner’s representative/PM during construction
  • Tender management / procurement process
  • Review of bids and technology
  • Support in contractor/EPC selection
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) and Site Acceptance Tests (SATs)
  • Start-up support according to commercial operation dates (CODs)
  • Warranties negotiation
  • Review of compliance with requirements and review of FATs
  • SAT review and verification of compliance with contract requirements
  • Documentation

Performance and optimisation

We take care of studying the performance of the installation and its efficiency. We evaluate the operational performance of the system according to the agreed O&M standards and propose improvements for system optimisation. We also check performance compliance according to the network operator’s terms.

  • We assess round-trip efficiency and degradation
  • We review the performance of the plant according to the contractually agreed performance
  • Periodic review of plant O&M reports
  • Review of future costs and benefits
  • Physical plant inspections
  • Warranties management

Consulting services

  • BESS or Hybrid Sizing
  • Specifications
  • BESS design and engineering
  • Electrical studies
  • Site analysis
  • Financial modelling
  • Capital cost estimation / Planning
  • RFP Drafting, Evaluation and Scoring
  • Turn-key Contract Preparation
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Proposal and Offer Preparation
  • Bankability studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market studies
  • Revenues and costs optimisation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Warranty / Sizing Optimization
  • Technical and performance tests
  • Degradation analysis
  • PPA / Leasing / Service structure
  • Technical Dispute Resolution
  • Independent reports
  • Project Management
  • Expert Witness


  • Project Management
  • Certification management
  • Project planning
  • Technical Review / Due Diligence
  • Technical Studies Review
  • Procurement Specifications and Evaluation
  • Construction / installation planning 
  • Construction Milestone Management
  • Construction Walkthrough
  • Factory Acceptance Testing Witness /
  • Site Acceptance Testing / Energization Witness /
  • Pre-Commissioning Walkthrough
  • NERC compliance
  • Commissioning / Performance Testing Witness /


  • Annual Performance Testing Review
  • Technical Dispute Resolution
  • Warranty Claim
  • Grounding Plans / Materials Takeoff / BOM
  • EPC, equipment, services, PPA / Toll contract negotiation support
  • Interconnection Studies / Agreements
  • Protective Device Coordination
  • Structure Engineering Review
  • Fire Systems – Hazard Mitigation Analysis
  • Emergency Response Plan and AHJ Interface
  • PV Factory Audits


  • Due Diligence services tailored to acquisitions,
    investments, financing and tax equity
  • Complete financial, commercial and technical
    due diligence stack
  • Arrange and lead competitive, two-phase sale
  • Buy-side or sell-side representation
  • Financial model / Business Plan
  • Flexibility to work on unique transactions and special situations (landowner representation, hedge origination and structuring, codevelopment, development capital and syndication)
  • Operating assets, projects under development, pipeline assessment and platform-level transactions

Grid impact analysis and battery model optmisation analysis

We work with software programmes specialised in the simulation of BESS and in grid impact assessment, guaranteeing the technical feasibility and safety of the project.

We use Power factory DIgSILENT to determine, among others:

  • Static and transient stability studies
  • Power flow and short-circuit analysis
  • Availability and reliability studies

We use EMTP-RV to determine, among others:

  • EMT simulations
  • Dynamic performance
  • Isolation studies

Frequent business models in battery energy storage systems / BESS

BESS systems (Battery Energy Storage Systems) allow energy to be stored for later consumption. Coupled to the general electricity grid or renewable sources of electricity production, they can supply clean energy at times of zero generation.


Energy is bought and stored when prices and demand are low and then sold during periods of high demand and higher prices, achieving high profitability.


The stored energy supports the general power grid so that the supply is secured and the frequency of the grid is maintained.


Coupled with renewable energy sources, they make it possible to store surplus energy, resolving the intermittency of production.


The storage system makes it possible to supply energy to the general grid in unexpected situations in which the production system does not supply energy. This increases the capacity of the electricity grid and ensures supply in times of emergency.


Transmission upgrade deferral involves delaying investments in transmission system upgrades by using relatively small amounts of storage or, in some cases, avoiding such investments altogether. This storage compensates for overloading and ageing.


Congestion occurs when the energy produced cannot be delivered to loads due to inadequate transmission infrastructure. Electricity storage can serve to avoid congestion-related costs and charges, especially if costs become onerous due to significant congestion on the transmission system.


BESS can provide power for the energisation of transmission and distribution lines, for the activation of power plants during start-up or in case of grid collapse.


There are other applications for BESS that make it a highly attractive technology, such as improving power quality or end-user autonomy.

Whether you are a promoter or developer of BESS projects or a consumer looking to offer services to the grid, hybridise a renewable production plant or are looking for arbitration services or to flatten your consumption curve, Cobaltiq is your solution. We are expert consultants in the large-scale implementation of BESS systems, we study your project and its feasibility and we propose the best alternative according to your needs and profitability.



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