Mini hydropower plants

A mini-hydroelectric power plant converts the energy stored in water into electricity by exploiting the difference in elevation between two points at different heights. Mechanical energy is obtained from a hydraulic turbine which, with the help of a generator, is transformed into electrical energy.

They are power plants of less than 10MW that make it possible to take advantage of small water currents and are ideal for supplying electricity to rural or isolated areas.

A project of these characteristics is able to produce a large amount of energy constantly at a very low cost.

Types of mini-hydro power plants

The fight against climate change and international decarbonisation goals require the development of technologies to replace fossil fuels in the production of electricity. Mini-hydroelectric power plants can supply energy to rural areas, areas isolated from the electricity grid or any other facility with access to a stream of water.

The characteristics and peculiarities of the location will determine the type of mini-hydro plant to be built as well as the necessary civil works and machinery. Depending on the topography of the terrain, three types of mini-hydroelectric power plants can be distinguished:


Part of the water is diverted from the river, turbined and once the electricity is obtained, it is returned to its natural course.

It may be necessary to build a small dam to secure the water intake.


If the topography permits, a reservoir is built, which makes it possible to regulate electricity production according to the needs of the consumer.


There are several options, one can take advantage of the slope of the canal itself or the slope between a nearby river and the canal, into which the water is discharged after being turbined.​

Fuente: IDAE
Fuente: IDAE
Fuente: IDAE

At Cobaltiq we study the location and propose the ideal design according to the conditions of the water flow: location, flow rate and hydrology. 

Advantages of mini-hydro

The construction of a mini-hydropower plant not only provides a benefit to society at large by helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also brings great benefits to the developer:

It is an inexhaustible source of energy and produces a large amount of energy, which in many cases allows disconnection from the grid.

High production means very low or even zero energy costs.

In many cases, their construction makes it possible to supply energy to rural or isolated areas.

In many cases, this technology makes it possible to regulate the amount of energy produced, adapting it to the needs of the consumer.

The environmental impacts of mini-power plants are small or non-existent and can be easily minimised, for example by creating fish ladders or burying pipes. 

Cobaltiq takes care of the whole process

Technical and economic feasibility study

Detail engineering

Processing of subsidies


Processing of permits and licences


Basic engineering


In Cobaltiq we solve your doubts and accompany you at all times, if you have access to a stream of water do not hesitate and build your own mini hydroelectric plant, join the renewable energy.



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